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How RFID tagging is revolutionizing the Jewellery Industry across India?

Jewellers across the world have to deal with very expensive and often very small products, from tiny diamonds to wristwatches, to rings, earrings, pendants, cufflinks, etc. Furthermore, the materials are varied and expensive, such as gold or platinum and valuable gems. The pricing of used design and brand is also credited to their value. This is why, in this business line, various security systems and insurance companies are involved, which require a very detailed justification of inventories and security with detailed reports. RFID tagging has been quite a help in that area so far, you can even trace inventory with RFID tagging feature. 

In connection with what I have stated above, RFID tagging is a key element for the optimal functioning of all the processes involved in different departments.

When it comes to jewellery, counting these pieces manually with barcodes is an intensive and time-consuming job. Consequently, the use of RFID as jewellery tagging software has meant an improvement and saving. Using RFID feature brings a huge benefit to the jewellery industry that was previously lost during work hours, losses and thefts.

Ensuring RFID tagging for jewellery provides an end-to-end solution from the first inventory to the final sale of the item. Using the option available each item is marked with an RFID tag, with which the inventory is fed of information thanks to the readers who are located in different strategic points of the store. If items are not tagged within the inventory, RFID activates the alarms. Isn’t that what you would want in your jewellery tagging system? 

The RFID tagging turns the hard task of items traceability which requires a lot of security easier, with this system accounting and control are carried out more quickly and precisely. RFID technology in jewellery software increases efficiency and improves working conditions.

The benefits of RFID tagging for the jewellery industry
1.Faster and more accurate inventory management
2.Constant update of information on real-time of each item in the inventory
3.Greater security for valuable items
4.Diligent individual monitoring of each item
5.Increase in staff efficiency
6.Facilitates billing
7.Better traceability of multiple articles
8.Fast invoicing at the counters and less waiting lines
9.Detailed reports by article 

This type of inventory tracking within your jewellery management software can lead to misplacement, loss, or even theft. In a high-value sector like this one, even a tiny issue or loss each quarter can be significantly expensive, resulting in thousands of dollars in shrinkage that affects the bottom line.

Performing manual stock counting also wastes a ton of time, reducing efficiency and productivity. This is where RFID tagging can help you revolutionize jewellery business through a quick and accurate tracking inventory. Using RFID tagging, jewellery businesses are benefiting from drastic reductions in labor costs and shrinkage that can result in a fast recuperation of the cost of the initial system deployment.

Few companies have designed and developed jewellery inventory software, including tags, readers, and software designed for monitoring gems and jewellery that automate the inventory process. 

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By MMI Softwares  |  04-03-2020  |  Blog  |  Comments Off

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